Updates of Semileptonic Results for ICHEP08 2008

This web page contains the results for ICHEP 2008. The changes of this update with respect to the the End of Year 2007 update are described here. A new common parameter file is adopted. Moreover, charge coniugated final states are always included.
We thank U. Aglietti, I. Bigi, G. Ferrera, P. Gambino, E. Gardi, P. Giordano, Z. Ligeti, M. Neubert, G. Ricciardi, N. Uraltsev for useful discussions and providing the theoretical codes.

Last update: 2010/Jan/15 Concezio Bozzi fix typo in LLR results for inclusive Vub.
Previous update: 2009/Apr/8 David Lopes Pegna (Bug fix).