1. Introduction
- All results and input files are available at 


- In the following (in no particular order), the changes
with respect to End Of Year 2007 are discussed.

2. Changes to common parameters
- New updated values from HFAG (new mixing and lifetimes values from the
HFAG update of the Oscillations Sub-Group for ICHEP08) (common.param).

3. Additions
- Results presented by BaBar and Belle at ICHEP08 are all included.

4. Changes
- Updated global fit 
- Consistent input parameters for the B->Xulnu analyses
- Used all BaBar Breco B->Xulnu analyses in the incl. |Vub| averages, as statistical correlations are in the paper.
- Updated code for DGE (by E. Gardi)

5. Feedback
- Your critical comments will be much appreciated. Please send them to
lodovico AT slac.stanford.edu