1. Introduction
All results and input files are available at 


In the  following (in  no particular order),  the updates for winter 2004
with respect to Summer conferences 2003/PDG 2004 are discussed.

As usual, some of the error breakdowns can be found in

spreadsheet. This is relevant only for the branching fraction B -> X l
nu and |Vub|. 

Not  much  has  changed,  except  for the  new  average  of  inclusive
determinations of |Vub| and that a first attempt has been started to
provide the results in a crude writeup:


2. Changes to common parameters

We use the updated input parameters for mixing and lifetimes. For more
information, please see



3. Average of |Vub| from inclusive measurements on Upsilon(4S)

This is documented in the write-up, available at


4. Average of |Vub| from exclusive measurements on Upsilon(4S)

Christoph   Schwanda   has   put   together  tables   with   exclusive
determinations of  |Vub|. There  is no average  quoted yet, but  it is
envisioned in the future to provide an average, probably starting from
these results.

5. Conclusion

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