1. Introduction
All results and input files are available at 


In the following (in no particular order),  the updates for ICHEP 2006 
with respect to Winter 2006 (web update) are discussed.

2. Changes to common parameters
We use the updated input  parameters for mixing and lifetimes from the
HFAG winter 2006 update (common.param).

3. New/Updated measurements
* new BABAR (breco) BF(B+->Xlnu) & BABAR (breco) BF(B0->Xlnu) Preliminary, contribution to ICHEP06 (BaBar-pub-06/036)
* new Belle (breco2) BF(B+->Xlnu) & Belle (breco2) BF(B0->Xlnu) Preliminary (BELLE-CONF-667)
contribution to ICHEP06.
* updated BABAR (E_{e}, q^{2}) v2 of hep-ex/0506036 Phys.Rev.Lett.95:111801,2005
* BABAR LLR method inclusive Vub measurement published Phys.Rev.Lett. 96 (2006) 221801 (hep-ph/0601046)
* updated BELLE SL tag exclusive Vub updated (hep-ex/0604024) and submitted to PLB.
* new BELLE breco tag exclusive Vub contributed to ICHEP BELLE-CONF-0666
* updated BABAR breco and SL tag exclusive Vub contributed to ICHEP (BaBar-pub-06/040)
* new BABAR untagged exclusive Vub contributed to ICHEP (BaBar-pub-06/015)

4. New method for extracting the inclusive Vub average
We introduce a new framework to calculate the inclusive Vub average, BLL
( C.W. Bauer, Z. Ligeti and M.E. Luke. Phys. Rev. D64:113004 (2001))
that is used to extract Vub for measurements using  mX-q2 cut.
We also provide a plot of Vub using mxq2 cuts for three
different frameworks, BLNP, DGE and BLL.

5. Inclusive Vub
We have removed the averages that relied on b-quark masses as extracted solely 
from B->Xs gamma photon energy spectrum moments. These will re-appear again in the 
next update. We are currently pursuing more thorough analysis in this area.

5. Exclusive Vcb
The 2D average of F(1)|Vcb| vs rho^2 has been updated with measurements that have been recalibrated to
take into account the most precise determinations of the form factor ratios R_1 and R_2, as measured 
by BABAR collaboration (hep-ex/0602023: submitted to PRD). 

6. Feedback

Your critical comments are welcome. Please send them to
antonio AT post.kek.jp