1. Introduction
All results and input files are available at 


In the  following (in  no particular order),  the updates for  LP 2003
with respect to EPS 2003 are discussed.

As usual, most of the error breakdowns can be found in





2. Changes to common parameters
We use the updated input  parameters for mixing and lifetimes from the
HFAG LP 2003 update. For more information, please see



The changes are:

  Parameter      LP 2003          EPS 2003
  fbd            40.1 +/-1.0      39.0 +/-1.3
  tb0            1.536+/-0.014    1.537+/-0.015
  tbplus         1.652+/-0.014    1.671+/-0.018
  fbs            9.4  +/-1.0      10.1 +/-1.3
  fbar           10.4 +/-1.7      11.9 +/-2.0
  chi (=chid*f0) 0.091+/-0.004    0.089+/-0.004

The change  in fbd is 2.8% with  respect to the EPS  update (which was
based on  the PDG 2003 parameters), but  this fbd is the  same as used
last year and in the update for the winter 2003 conferences.

3. Changes to averages

o Minor correction  in the BELLE endpoint result.  Included in summary
  plot, but not averaged (since nothing in b->ulnu is YET averaged).

4. Conclusion

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