1. Introduction
All results and input files are available at 


In the  following (in no particular  order), the updates  for EPS 2003
with  respect  to  PDG  2003  and  the  winter  conferences  2003  are

As usual, most of the error breakdowns can be found in





2. Changes to common parameters
We use the input parameters for mixing and lifetimes from the PDG 2003

3. Changes to averages

o  Inclusive  semileptonic branching  fraction:  New lepton(?)  tagged
  result   from   CLEO   supercedes   the  published   analysis   from
  1996. Preliminary  error breakdown  (does not  quite add  up  to the
  published systematic, therefore the  "HFAG" systematic error of 0.30
  is  a bit  lower  than CLEO's  0.33).  The reference  for the  error
  breakdown for this result is M. Artuso, private communication.

  The reference  for the error  breakdown for Belle's BRECO  result is
  T. Iijima, private communication.

o In the  correction for f+/f0 a mistake had  occurred in the previous
  average: The  same relative error  as for the  BF was used;  this is
  overestimating the  error by  a factor of  two as |Vcb|*F(1)  is the
  sqrt of the BF. This bug  was detected and verified while working on
  the inclusion of the BABAR result into the average (which is not yet
  contained  in  the EPS  update).   This  bug  is corrected  in  this
  update. The resulting change in  the central value of the average is
  small (1/5 of  the quoted error). The confidence  level changes from
  5.6% to 2.9%.

  A  remark to  the plot:  The ellipses  show the  \Delta(\chi^2)  = 1
  contours. This is  noted on the plot. The  central values and errors
  correspond to the  scaled values that go into  the average. The plot
  is therefore a  representation of the (input to  the) average. It is
  not intended to show the published results.

  A discussion within HFAG has started as to whether we shall increase
  the errors  of the experiments  by a similar procedure  described in
  PDG 2002.  No conclusion has been  reached, and in  the meantime the
  chi^2/dof and the CL are stated  on the plots, so everybody can form
  their own impression.

o The same  correction of the error on |Vcb|*G(1)  from f+/f0 as above
  has been  corrected. Virtually no  effect here, as it  is negligible
  compared to the other errors.

o New result from BELLE on charmless semileptonic B decays in the form
  of an endpoint analysis. Included  in summary plot, but not averaged
  (since nothing in b->ulnu is yet averaged).

4. Conclusion

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