Combined exclusive |Vub| and |Vcb|

LHCb published a measurement of |Vub/Vcb|= from the partial rate for Λb→pμν normalized to Λb→Λcμν, [arXiv:1504.01568].
The published value, |Vub/Vcb|=0.083±0.004exp.±0.004th. updated to the PDG2018 average for the Branching Fraction BF(Λc→p K π)=(6.28 ± 0.32)%, is


The result of a combined fit using as input only the exclusive |Vub| and |Vcb| measurements, with the |Vub/Vcb| measurement from LHCb gives the following results

|Vub|=(3.49 ±0.13)x10-3
|Vcb|=(39.25 ±0.56)x10-3

the correlation is ρ=0.14, with a fit P(χ2)=7.7%. In this combination the uncertainties are considered uncorrelated.
The result of the fit is shown here .C, .pdf, .png.