1. Introduction
- All results and input files are available at 


- In the following (in no particular order), the changes
with respect to PDG 2007 (web update) are discussed.

2. Changes to common parameters
- New updated values from PDG2008 and HFAG (new mixing and lifetimes values from the
HFAG RPP 2008 update of the Oscillations Sub-Group) (common.param).

3. Additions
- Exclusive Branching Fraction: B+ -> D*0lnu
- Exclusive Branching Fraction: B+ -> D0lnu
- Exclusive Branching Fraction: B- -> D+ pi- lnu
- Exclusive Branching Fraction: B- -> D*+ pi- lnu
- Exclusive Branching Fraction: B0 -> D0 pi+ lnu
- Exclusive Branching Fraction: B0 -> D*0 pi+ lnu
- Exclusive Branching Fraction: B- -> D1(D*+pi-)lnu
- Exclusive Branching Fraction: B- -> D2(D*+pi-)lnu

- Inclusive |Vcb| from global fits

- Vub for inclusive and exclusive b->ulnu decays (Vub was not present in previous updates for the PDG).
- Two new theoretical interpretations (GGOU and AC) with respect to the results
presented at Lepton Photon 2008 are added.

- Branching fractions of B0 -> rho- l+ nu

4. Changes
- F(1)|Vcb| and B0 -> D*lnu are obtained from a global fit
to the form factors and Vcb.

- Asymmetric errors are used for the Vub averages. 

- Inclusive B->Xlnu decays for determining |Vub| are rescaled to common values of tauB and semileptonic BF
(change with respect to Lepton Photon 2007)

5. Feedback
- Your critical comments will be much appreciated. Please send them to
lodovico AT slac.stanford.edu