1. Introduction
All results and input files are available at 


In the  following (in  no particular order),  the updates for summer 2004
with respect to winter conferences 2004 are discussed.

As usual, some of the error breakdowns can be found in

spreadsheet. This is relevant only for the branching fraction B -> X l
nu and |Vub|. 

Not  much  has  changed,  except  for the  new  average  of  inclusive
determinations of |Vub| and that a first attempt has been started to
provide the results in a crude writeup:


2. Changes to common parameters

We use the updated input parameters for mixing and lifetimes. For more
information, please see



3. Average of |Vub| from inclusive measurements on Upsilon(4S)

A substantial  change has  occurred here with  the usage of  the BELLE
photon spectrum measurement in B ->  s gamma decays.  This is used for
the determination of  the central values and errors  of shape function
parameters, used  in virtually  all |Vub| determinations  in inclusive
charmless  semileptonic B  decays. The  new shape  function parameters
have  substantially smaller errors  (x2) than  the ones  determined by
CLEO and lead to an increase of Vub (because of their central values).

BELLE has a  new determination of |Vub| based on  events tagged with a
fully reconstructed hadronic decay of a B meson. This analyis is based
on a phasespace selection with mX < 1.7 GeV and Q2 > 8 GeV2. In
addition, it has re-evaluated its previous two measurements. 

BABAR has  also re-evaluated its  mX < 1.55GeV analysis.  In addition,
BABAR  has  three  new  |Vub|  determinations:  1)  electron  endpoint
spectrum p > 2.0 GeV; 2) mX < 1.7GeV and Q2 > 8GeV2; 3) (El,Q2) cuts. 

The  procedure  of averaging  |Vub|  is  documented  in the  write-up,
available at


4. Average of B0 -> D* l nu

The DELPHI measurement has been published since the last update, and
the BABAR measurement is close to submission. 

5. |Vub| from exclusive measurements on Upsilon(4S)

This is  still only a table and  not an average. BABAR  has updates on
the branching fraction measurements with events measured on the recoil
of a fully reconstructed hadronic B decay (BRECO) and -- for the first
time -- on the recoil of a partially reconstructed B decay.

BELLE has a  measurement of B ->  pi l nu, differential in  Q2, on the
recoil of a semileptonic B decay  and extract Vub in the high-Q2 range
where  lattice QCD  (unquenched, preliminary)  formfactor calculations
are availble.

6. |Vcb| and HQE parameters from inclusive measurements

Moments of  various distributions have been measured  by BABAR, BELLE,
CDF, and CLEO. 

7. Conclusion

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