1. Introduction
All results and input files are available at 


In the following (in no particular order), the changes
with respect to Summer 2006 and PDG 2007 (web update) are discussed.

2. Changes to common parameters
New updated values from HFAG2006 and PDG2006:

3. Additions
- Global Fits in the Kinetic and 1S scheme
- B->rholnu average

4. Changes
- New fitting and averaging procedure for computing the BF(D*lnu) and VcbF(1).
Detailed documentation, by Art Snyder, foreseen for the near future.

- Inclusive Vub:
o New input parameters for BLNP, DGE and BLL
o We present the averages for different scenarios:
- all independent analyses averages together
- only endpoint analyses are averaged
- only MxQ2 analyses are averaged
- only Mx analyses are averaged
- only Pplus analyses are averaged

- Exclusive |Vub|: Errata Corrige for HPQCD

5. Feedback
Your critical comments will be much appreciated. Please send them to
lodovico AT slac.stanford.edu